Thesis / Abschlussarbeit (EN) AutoML: Automatic Parameter Tuning for the Product Configurator Merlin

Your Topic

The constraint-based product configurator CAS Merlin has a large and ever increasing set of parameters that have a huge impact on its performance. Setting the proper values for these parameters is very complex and time consuming and yet highly important, especially for large workspaces with complex product structure and many rules. Currently, the parameter tuning is done manually by trial and error. Fortunately, there exist algorithms that can automate this process. The goal of the thesis is to identify such an algorithm for the product configurator Merlin and to implement it.

Your Tasks

  • Conduct a literature research to find a fitting automatic parameter tuning algorithm for Merlin.
  • Customize and implement the selected algorithm in Merlin.
  • Experimentally evaluate the automatically tuned Merlin against Merlin with current/default parameter settings on real-world customer data.
  • Summarize the results in your thesis and/or scientific publication(s).

Your Skills

  • Ability to read and understand scientific papers.
  • Can write performant Java code (fast running programs).
  • Communicating your ideas clearly and precisely in English.
  • Working together with others in German is also easy for you.

Benefits of your thesis at CAS

  • An ideal environment for you and your thesis: With us you can spend 100% of your worktime on your thesis where you combine state-of-the-art research with real industry use-cases.
  • Professional supervision of your thesis in the CAS Future Labs in Karlsruhe: Every year we accompany many students to their successful graduation – you too can benefit from our experience.
  • Get to know the CAS culture (offline and online): by working with business coaches and taking part in many other interactive formats. You will experience our unique WeSpirit and make connections across multiple units.

Please send us the following documents in complete form

  • Your motivation: Why this subject? Why with us?
  • Time period and type of thesis (master / bachelor)
  • Resume
  • Current transcript of grades
  • Certificate of enrolment
  • Further evidence of your qualifications (e.g. working references)
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